Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction
                Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction

Life after cancer treatment

It is natural to look forward to the end of your cancer treatment – but what happens once treatment has finished?


I was looking forward to getting back to some sense of normal
– but everything feels different…


It can be a challenging time as cancer treatment finishes. Moving on from regular appointments with the team looking after you, adapting back to everyday life and finding your new routine.


Every cough, niggle or twinge made me think that the cancer was back


Please don’t think that once your treatment stops you are on your own! If you need information and support after your treatment has finished, talk to the Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Service.


Knowing the other people had been through the same thing

and come out the other side was really reassuring to me


Sometimes it helps to talk to other people who have also been through cancer treatment. There are organisations on the Island who offer specific support to those who have finished cancer treatment. This could be through support groups or through a survivorship  group.


There are a range of books and leaflets that may be of interest to you once your treatment has finished. These include personal stories of those who have also been through treatment, and information leaflets on looking after yourself once treatment has finished. The Macmillan Cancer Information Centre can show you what information is available.


Now the rollercoaster of cancer treatment
has finished and I’ve got time to think
about what has happened,
its all feels a bit much to take in!


For some people, it is only when cancer treatment has finished that they have the energy to consider what they have been through. It is not unusual to experience a range of emotions at this stage.


There are organisations who can offer support from a listening ear through to more in-depth counselling and psychological support depending on what is needed. The Macmillan Cancer Information Centre can guide you to organisations that can offer further support.


After cancer treatment has finished may also be the time to look at the positive steps you can take personally to move forward. This could include health &fitness, diet or just getting to know the “new” you… Use the information and support available  to help you look forward.