Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction
                Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction

Being Active

During cancer treatment, you may not feel like you have much energy for exercise, but physical activity can have a positive impact on how you are feeling. It can help you manage fatigue, reduce stress, improve your mood, and many other beneficial effects.


Physical activity can range from walking and gardening, to exercise classes at the gym. Talk to the team looking after you about what type of activity would be suitable for you.


The Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Service has information on physical activity and cancer.


The Isle of Man Sports Development Unit provides support for those looking to improve their activity:
Telephone: 01624 688556

Some of the resources available from Macmillan Cancer Support include: