Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction
                Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction

Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association

How we use the money raised

Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association has been raising money to work against cancer since it began in 1959.


The big 'C' on our logo stands for CURE for cancer, and we continue to work with a variety of organisations both on and off the Isle of Man to strive towards this:

Work on the Isle of Man:

IOM Anti-Cancer Association is involved in a variety of projects on the Island, either focused on raising awareness of cancer, or supporting those affected by cancer. These projects include:


  • Staywell Clinic (Cervical Screening) – providing women with the opportunity to have a cervical screening test outside of normal working hours and in a female-staffed clinic. This service is fully funded and managed by IOM Anti-Cancer Association.
  • Monthly Cancer Awareness Feature on Manx Radio – on the 1st Thursday of the month just after 10.30pm, covering a range of cancer awareness topics.
  • Cancer Awareness within the community – bringing cancer awareness information to a local level.
  • Psycho-Oncology Service – funding cancer-related psychology & counselling services in conjunction with Manx Cancer Help and Dept of Health & Social Care.
  • Funding other projects that support people affected by cancer on the Island – e.g. funding information leaflets, survey of cancer patients, equipment for LookAhead chemotherapy hair loss support.

Working against cancer further afield:

IOM Anti-Cancer Association is committed to funding research into cancer, its causes and its treatment. We work with organisations from the UK who are making positive steps forward in the fight against cancer.


We also fund organisations that provide cancer treatment to people from the Isle of Man. Funding examples include:

  • refurbishment of the radiotherapy mould room at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre
  • development of the Papillon Suite at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (specialist radiotherapy for anal cancer)
  • development of the chemotherapy department at the Christie Hospital

Over half of Island residents who need cancer treatment will receive at least part of their treatment off-Island.


Over the next few years we will be working in partnership with the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre to fundraise towards the development of a new hospital in the centre of Liverpool. You can find out more about more about the new hospital development at

Over the last five decades IOM Anti-Cancer Association has raised and distributed £20million in its work against cancer.


Some of the recipients are as follows:

  • The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre
  • Alder Hey Hospital
  • The Christie Hospital
  • Institute of Cancer Research
  • Cancer Research UK
  • The Royal Liverpool Hospital
  • Breakthrough Breast Cancer
  • Orchid (fighting male cancers)
  • Ovarian Cancer Action
  • University of Liverpool

Donation from IOM Anti-Cancer Association towards the

Papillon Suite at

the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre,

treating rectal cancers with radiotherapy.



The Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association is a member of the Council of Cancer Charities (CCC). For more information about the CCC click here. To see the calendar of events for all CCC organisations, click here.