Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction
                Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction

Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association

About Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association

Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association is a registered Isle of Man charity established in 1959; consisting of a central policy committee, supported by a network of district branches.


Over the last five decades we have raised and distributed about £21million to various UK bodies and hospitals working in the field of cancer research.


We have also provided assistance to a number of local initiatives in conjunction with the Isle of Man Department of Health & Social Care.




Cancer Awareness and Manx Radio:


Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association have been given an opportunity by Manx Radio to do a monthly cancer awareness feature. This is on the first Thursday of the month, and is on the radio just after 10.30pm as part of 'The Late Show'.


October's feature talks about breast cancer awareness - the signs and symptoms, and what you should do if you have any concerns. Tune in to find out more, or if you've missed the feature or would like to listen again, please click on the link below:

For more information on the signs and symptoms of all types of cancer, you can visit the Macmillan website. The Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Service at Noble's Hospital can provide you with more information about all types of cancer, their signs and symptoms, screening, and ways to reduce your risk of cancer developing.

Our next feature in October and we will cover the topic of breast cancer awareness, in conjunction with Breast Cancer NOW, Isle of Man Group. If you have any questions that you would like answering as part of the feature, please contact us on and we will try to include these.


Some of our previous features are now available to listen again by visiting our cancer awareness feature webpage.


Please remember, if you are concerned about any possible symptoms of cancer, please contact your GP to discuss this. It is always better to talk about your concerns with your doctor sooner rather than later.



Each Branch of Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association holds a range of different fundraising events throughout the year.


For details of fundraising events we have coming up, please visit the CCC events page:

Making a donation:

You can,


- post donations to our Treasurer; Mr Richard Ellis, 24 Westminster Terrace,

   Douglas  IM1 4EE


- contact our Executive Officer, Sandy Denning on 252725 or email at


Also, if you would like to get involved in organising a fundraising event for Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association, please contact us for more information on contact details as per above.

The Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association is a member of the Council of Cancer Charities (CCC). For more information about the CCC click here. To see the calendar of events for all CCC organisations, click here.