Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction
                Isle of Man Anti-Cancer Association Working against cancer on the Isle of Man since 1959 This site is currently under reconstruction

Tests to detect cancer

Different tests are used to help find any cancer cells, and to decide how is best to treat any cancer found.


Tests are offered before you are diagnosed, during treatment, and after treatment has finished. The results help the health professionals understand about your cancer and how your treatment is progressing.


Some tests are available on the Isle of Man; however certain specialist tests may be undertaken off-Island. Below is a list of the more common tests, however please click here for a full range of tests used across cancer services.




• Biopsy

• Blood test 

• Bone scan

• Colonoscopy

• Colposcopy 

• CT scan

• Endoscopy (gastroscopy)

 Fine needle aspiration (FNA) – breast

• Mammogram 

• MRI scan 

• PSA test

 Ultrasound scan 



There is more information about the different tests available on the Macmillan Cancer Support website or the Cancer Research UK website.