Isle of Man Breast Care

Contact Details:

Sharon Maddrell

Telephone: 07624 482662



Paulene Lamb

Telephone: 07624 420063


Registered Charity Number:

693 (Isle of Man)

About Isle of Man Breast Care:

Isle of Man Breast Care is a registered charity set up by local women who have all experienced breast cancer themselves, to provide emotional and practical support, to patients, their families and friends.

Regular informal meetings are held at 7.30pm on the last Thursday of each month at The Snaefell Surgery, Anagh Coar, Douglas.

One-to-one support at home or on the phone is also available.


Patients have found that:


Together with sharing sympathy and support, t

here is also laughter and encouragement


The doctors and nurses care for you physically,

but nobody can help you mentally more than

someone who has actually been through it


You can talk about things to other members of the group,

knowing they will listen and understand


You can also keep up-to-date with Isle of Man Breast Care on their Facebook page.



Isle of Man Breast Care is a member of the Council of Cancer Charities (CCC). For more information about the CCC click here. To see the calendar of events for all CCC organisations, click here.